Security Gates

The Heavy Duty High Security Panic Gates are manufactured to be the strongest link in your secure fence line. Built to withstand many years of outdoor use, these Security Gates will limit access to authorized personnel as well as keeping your people safe in the event of an emergency. Without authorized access, the only way into these gates are via high powered torches, rescue saws or explosives.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Security Gate has been designed for both security and safety. They come pre-assembled and are ready for installation. Made from 3" x 3" 11ga steel, these gates are built to withstand many years of industrial abuse in outdoor or indoor environments. In fact, our gate frames are guaranteed to be "sag proof" due to their fully welded 360 degree settle proof frame.

Safety First

Safety compliance is important.
In an emergency you cannot afford to just hope for the best, but you can afford to have the best. We keep your people safe while keeping your operation up to compliance.   OSHA mandates (2) points of emergency egress.   We have special prices for multiple gate orders.   We are happy to provide quotes.



Secured Gate Systems is a manufacturer of high security, industrial prehung personnel gates with a variety of applications.

SGS Gates are backed by over 40 years of installation experience.   You will find our prices very competitive, and best of all, you won't have any call backs from unsatisfied customers.

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